Shagbark Bantams

Shagbark Bantams is independent hatchery focusing on Chickens and Call Ducks. We specialize in Belgian Bearded d’Uccles and Serama Bantams from Malaysia.  If you’re just starting out as a ‘fancier’, or raising your first backyard chickens, check out our FAQ section for basic information.  For our more experienced followers, Poultry Health Articles cover a variety of topics to help you take care of your own flock.

Poultry Health Articles

In depth articles on a variety of topics for the more advanced poultry fanciers.

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Designed to help out beginners and juniors with some answers to basic questions for backyard chickens or call ducks.

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Our Hatchery

We specialize in Belgian Bearded d’Uccles, Serama Bantams from Malaysia, and Call Ducks.

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